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Julia Linn - Body Beauty Love Life™
Julia Linn

Welcome to Julia Linn - Body Beauty Love Life™

Fitness Community for Women Age 50+ - Queenagers! We Are Building Beauty From the Inside Out!!


I'm your devoted coach, Julia Linn, age 65, bringing together women in their 50s, 60s & 70s to embrace a Fitness Mindset & Lifestyle and succeed at sustaining fitness goals.

I am certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), an author, motivational speaker, educator, and workshop facilitator. AKA @dolphinine on Instagram.

 I’m a former childhood diabetic, double organ transplant recipient, triple cardiac bypass patient with no thyroid who is menopausal so if I can get fit and completely transform in body, mind spirit, in my 60s - you can too!

The narrative of the 50+ woman ignores that you have gotten things done.

You multi-task, care-give, work hard, love hard, dream big, and find a way to be badass from here to Sunday.

You’ve had hardships, courtships, fellowships, mentorships, and kinships! You are a wisdom keeper and must share your genius with the world! But you have to feel good to do so!

This is a community that offers ways to upgrade your health through fitness of spirit, mind, and body. Mindset work, training, and nutrition are applied in a way that fits YOU and is sustainable to obtain and maintain optimal health. This network provides community, classes, road maps, and coaching to help you get there.

So you think when you hit menopause it’s all over? You’re too old and it’s too late to look and feel amazing?

No, my Queenager, you have just entered the Power Decades! 

You are just getting started. 

What's Here:

  • A Community of Queenagers age 50+
  • Like-minded women who value fitness
  • An 8-Week Virtual Course on Mindset 
  • Nutrition, Training & Mindset Tips (ongoing)
  • Basic workout plans
  • Weekly Motivational Pep Talks: "Magic Mondays"
  • Mindset Strategies
  • Tutorials on how to use a macro tracking app


Can I safely work out with weights if I am 
over 50, 60, or 70?

Yes! Research has shown it’s never too late to get fit and vastly improve your health! Our body – the Soul Chariot -  responds to exercise, no matter what its age. Mental benefits begin immediately and long term you can completely transform your health and your physique. A Queenager (50+ in age) may be more prone to injuries, take longer to put on muscle, and grapple with menopause & hormone imbalance. This brings a lack of energy, stubborn weight gain (belly fat), decreased muscle mass, and aching joints. Therefore it’s essential to follow a weight training program that has these factors in mind, and gentle workarounds for any physical limitations.

I don’t know where to begin with a fitness program, it’s overwhelming to me. How do I start?

Start with these few ideas in mind:

  • Make optimal health your goal, not weight loss
  • Find your “why” – why do you want to get fit?
  • Stop hating on parts of your body
  • Avoid habitual negative self-talk
  • Employ self-love, or self-worthiness
  • Use mindset strategies that are taught in the Transformation Master Class “Best Shape of Your Life” to guide you through self-sabotage and subconscious blocks, toward self-care and transformation.
  • And for your body - start walking every day!

At 50+ what kind of workouts are good for me to lose fat and gain muscle?

A solid resistance training program that you do 3 – 5 times a week is recommended using free weights, machines, and bands either at home or in a gym.

Add low-impact sustained state (LISS) cardio – such as brisk walking to get your heart rate elevated – at least 150 minutes a week, or 30 minutes 5 times a week. This will aid your cardiovascular health and overall conditioning.

What kind of program is offered?

The membership site BODY BEAUTY LOVE LIFE™  includes community engagement with fellow Queenagers focusing on fitness, plus access to information regarding exercise, nutrition, and mindset strategies from Coach Julia. There is an 8-week on demand Virtual Class offered within the membership.

Is nutrition information shared in this membership?

Yes! Nutrition is a cornerstone of a successful fitness transformation. The best nutrition plan out there is the one that you can sustain. However, macro nutrient planning is always the preferred plan due to it’s effectiveness with producing results. You’ll get meal ideas, recipes, and other nutrition information in the membership. There is nothing customized however. 

Why is Macro Planning so successful in transforming a physique?

It takes into account exact portions of macronutrients – protein, carb, and fat – and applies the right kind, in the right amount at the right time. It’s not rigid. But it is exacting. it’s also been called “flexible dieting.” You prep, plan and track everything you eat and drink in order to have reliable data to discover how your unique body is using food, losing fat, and building muscle.

If you follow a macro plan you can eat foods you enjoy, but you have to know their composition of P,C, and F. There are great apps to help you do this. (My Macros+, MyFitnessPal, LoseIT) Following macros is using gram weight of foods, much more exacting than using measuring cups and spoons. The membership includes tutorials on how to use the app My Macros+. 

What is the benefit of the membership programs?

As a subscribed member, you will join a community of like-minded Queenagers who want to get healthy and fit. The power of a collective group wisdom keepers - women 50+ will be your online companions. You’ll make new friends, share wins and ideas, discuss challenges. Think of it as a fitness retreat (every time you log on) with a supportive group of women in your age group all cheering each other on!

Julia Linn will be your host and your coach, and will share a myriad of tools in mindset, nutrition, training, and inspiration that specializes in a woman 50+ wanting to get - and stay - fit. 

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Please be informed there is no contract and you can cancel anytime before the next payment cycle. 

With other body beauty love life™ programs such as MINDSET RESET or FABULOUS After 50 Blueprint, the policy is no refunds due to the copyrighted nature of the content and what is involved with onboarding a client.